Melodies of the Nightingale – CD


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Canções em inglês (Elika Mahony). Título das faixas:

1.    Noble Have I Created Thee;

2.    Remover of Difficulties;

3.    The Everlasting Beauty;

4.    Create in Me a Pure Heart;

5.    My First Counsel;

6.    Melody of the Dove of Heaven;

7.    Healing Prayer;

8.    Whither Can a Lover Go?;

9.    Turn Thy Face Unto Mine;

10. Light of Divine Guidance;

11. Be Thou Content With Me;

12. Rejoice in the Gladness of Thine Heart;

13. Seize Thy Chance;

14. Unity Prayer;

15. Messenger of Joy. 


14 x 13 cm


Autor: Elika Mahony


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